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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Opposite of Lay Off is Stay On

1-29-09 Apex NC... As we all well know, retail anything is a challenge today. I still firmly believe that you grow your business out of this economic situation NOT cut, spend, and slash the company to do so. Many salespeople in every sector sat on their hands, dooming and glooming in December; and sales reflected that. The only way to climb back up is through you!

Interestingly, if you search the web, you find success stories. Companies who are adding people and opening new stores. They exist. Not surprising to me, growth companies do one common thing. They believe in it. They support it. They make it a top priority. In fact growth and this common factor go hand-in-hand. They train their people, involve their people, and they pay attention to their people. TRAINING is the common thread in success... It keeps people on the same page. It simplifies process and energizes organizational climate. It works. One well-known company in 2008, averaged 240 hours of training per employee per the year. Enough said...

We live in the age of speed. BlackBerrys, computers, navigation make it a breeze to access information. Yet one thing has not changed since the 1950's. We stop what we do and watch the local news on T.V. Why? It ties us to community. Links us to information that we need. And no matter the electronic device, we simply need this information to connect.

Just as the local news is the common link for community, training is the common link for success. Staying connected keeps the company strong. Training is the driver to professional success.

Happy selling!

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