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Monday, January 12, 2009

It is an ObamaNation!

1-12-09 Apex, NC... I am trying to assess the fastest growing opportunities in the good ole' USA. What? Very funny. Nice... Someone out there just yelled Bankruptcy Lawyers... Hey, I am serious here... With Obama wanting millions back to work and with my area, the Triangle, wanting thousands back, I am thinking that career services will be a fast grow this year.

This past week, I had been working with Northwood University students, helping them with practice interviews and resume assessment. Northwood is the top automotive university in the U.S. with campuses in MI, TX, and FL. I enjoy doing it. I have guest lectured there so it was a natural. Now I have decided to add this to my menu portfolio and integrate it into the business. Most of us are either job creators, job enablers, or job sustainers if we contribute in this website. And helping others succeed truly defines our own success. There is an African proverb out there that says something like this... No one is truly a person until they are with other people. I firmly believe that.

I want good people to find good jobs, yet many of them blow the interview for a multitude of reasons; usually it is blatant lack of preparation or a poorly written resume, but unbelieveably, dressing inappropriately, forehead-propped sunglasses, and gum chewing are pretty close behind.

The new Prez wants everyone working... I am IN! With a little support, we will head in the right direction and again be the boomimg economy we have always been.

Happy selling!!

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