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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good News

1-25-09 Apex, NC... Man, good news now a days is as rare as snow in the Keys... For example, NO ONE remembers that Ford Motor Company had a huge profit in the first quarter of 2008 or that price of gas last summer forced us to use fuel more wisely; in fact with gas at $1.90 give or take, we have not changed our habits. Did you know that for every penny we save at the pump, we put a billion bucks back in our pockets?

We just have to create our own good news. We need to focus on opportunity not problems, and successes not failures.

Bad news sells papers and bad news leads on the six o'clock news. You read that Harley is laying off a thousand people, and Nortel is in the tank... and so on. Bad news breeds like a bad cold. People get worried. People panic. Most of the mess we are in economically has been spun from investors and from speculators. I simply refuse to participate. Things are getting better. This is the country to be successful in. Pity parties are out. Common sense and hard work are in. Negatives are out and service to others is in. The next time you get a bad case of pessimism, call me, the Therapist is always near by.

The only restructuring we need is between our ears and the only bankruptcy we really fear is in our hearts.

Happy selling!!

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