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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I Love Recessions!

1-27-09 Apex, NC... I love recessions. Here is why.

1. Recessions keep you humble. You really get to assess your personal and professional portfolio HONESTLY in tough times. Egos must hit the curb.

2. Recessions make you listen. When things are brewing as they are right now, you need to make the most out of every contact and situation. You do that by active listening.

3. Recessions keep you focused. When you have to put food on the table, you stay on the straight and narrow.

4. Recessions never suffer fools lightly. The cakes, the fakes, and the flakes go away. The lazy perish. People do not hide well in these times. The good people stand out.

5. The Charles Ponzi type people pop out in recessions. When the money is tight, the schemes, some long-standing, dissolve like a Fizzi.

6. The arrogant and the greedy types get theirs in recessions. They cannot hide their cars, their beach houses, their office makeovers, their oriental rugs, and their shower curtains any longer when they let people go for the good of the company they soak off of.

7. Good habits are created in recessions. Waste not want not. Watching assets, conserving water and gas, eating healthier and cheaper, reading more, and paying attention to the little things.

8. Recessions draw people together. Facebook is taking off. People stay home more and actually pay attention to their kids.

9. Recessions create opportunity. The good people who have lost their positions or have had their salaries freeze, will find their passion and make it work.

10. Recessions increase FAITH. The relationship we really should have is straight up beyond the heavens. Count your blessings.


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