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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


1-6-09... Apex NC, I have some random stuff I am throwing at you today. Food for Thought!

In 1908, the Model T got 25 MPG... I need to get one fast.

Prez-Elect Obama states things are terrible and getting worse, yet he somehow has access to .75 TRILLION for what I am calling, "Shovel Projects"... bridges, highways etc... If things are that tough fiscally where is the unlimited money coming from? Oh yeah... We are the Shovel Support Group, you have to dig that...

I am excited the 2010 Cadillac SRX is coming. Trust me, it will be worth the test drive.

13.2 million vehicles in total 2008 vehicle sales; actually not as bad as the negatives have hammered since August. I still think 2009 will be up in sales. Why? Consumer confidence is the sole reason for success and failure here. The car business must refocus itself on the customer. This is not Rhodes Scholarship stuff. Sell vehicles people NEED and WANT. The product gets better every day. The car business will be better in 2009.

The busiest profession?? Bankruptcy Lawyers...

Gas has climbed in the Raleigh NC market. It is about $1.71 a gallon. Keep it under two bucks a gallon and we can give ourselves the stimulus package every day.

Makes cents to me... At least that way I can buy my own shovel.

Happy selling!

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