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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Organizational Cobbler

: 1-2, Apex NC... Did you know that shoe repair is one of the growth industries in 2009? More and more people are going to the shoe cobbler to repair their shoes, purses, boots and belts rather than buy new. It makes sense to have things last, especially if they are quality things.

The shoe cobblers of the automotive business are the sales trainers. However, the typical thought process in the dealership, especially now, is to eliminate formal training and just let the managers do it, thus "saving" money in this tight economy. " We will just do it in-house." But just like with shoes, every organization needs morale and process cobbling to keep the people they have. Finding, recruiting, hiring and training brand-new people are far more expensive than improving the people that are already acclimated to your goals and objectives.

There are good sales trainers out there who can cobble some "sole" into your people. Call me and I will do it. You get 30 minutes of FREE training on-site or by phone anywhere in the United States as an introductory offer from VTR Consulting LLC.

You can re-heel shoes forever. And you can keep your people the same way. In this economic environment, training makes more sense than ever.

Happy selling!

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