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Monday, January 19, 2009

His Last Day

1-19-09 Apex, NC... There is probably no better positive messenger than the U.S. President. In fact, many times the President has to be a cheerleader. It is too early to grade Mr.Bush and it is way too early to grade Mr.Obama. I hope that the future shows both to be successful. Just as not having another terrorist tragedy on U.S.soil will help define George W., I pray that the economy defines Barack H.

If we do not move into better economic times soon, things could really soften and we could fall more deeply into challenging uncertainty.

Stimulus is key to Mr. Obama'a first term. The shovel-ready projects he proposes could move us into better times. Fixing consumer confidence is the number one benefit of stimulus. I wish the new President great luck! And I wish President Bush Godspeed.

Happy selling!

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