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Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Impressions

1-1, APEX NC... Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone.

I am getting ready to do mock job interviews with Northwood University students next week. For three days I will interview the students for positions and assess their performances. These are smart kids, because job interviews need preparation. The biggest challenge for job seekers today is not a tight job market or the bear economy; it is getting ready for the interview. People looking for work spend numerous hours preparing for these interviews by focusing on the questions the interviewer will ask. WRONG. Successful candidates, those getting the positions, must focus on the ANSWERS. It is not about the questions, it is about how they are answered.

And first impressions are everything. Gum chewing, strong perfume, lack of knowledge about the company they are interviewing with... That's a start at failure. The candidate's chances at getting the position is now at zero.

Contact me and I will help prepare you for the interview. It is the prerequisites that will put you in the career you want, not the questions the interviewer asks...

Set up your mock interview today...

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