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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stunned-U-LESS Package $819 BILLION!!

1-29-09 Apex, NC... I usually never have two blogs in one day... The Stimulus Package, hopefully will work...unfortunately it is full of well, a number of things!
The deficit soars. It is almost an eye-opening trillion dollars. And it turns the government into KING KONG. We taxpayers are all Faye Wrays... This is unreal scary...The thing costs more than the Iraq War for gosh sakes!

I say give every family in America $45,000; every single person $25,000 and get rid of unemployment. Do NOT expand it... People need a finacial jump start. And this almost trillion dollar super fund is not going to work as well as having everyone being fiscally responsible to turn this recession around. Add it up; it is cheaper. A bridge loan at 0% to everyone is way cheaper than this large bureaucratic gorilla.

Even eleven Democrats voted NAY; let alone every single Republican...

How about this for a social program GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK!!!

As always,

Happy selling!

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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. Especially since there's so much pork in this thing, we could all be eating bacon sandwiches for the next 10 years. Obama should sell this to the 11000 friend laid off at United Airlines, the 77,000 people laid off yesterday. The economy will worsen this year. Unemployment will hit 10% and the economy will shrink by 4%-the lowest drop in 60 years which equals depression. This "stimulus" will ultimately cause a hyper-inflation. (prices drop along with disposable income) He can't fix it in 2 years, which by then there will be elections for the House. The ultra-left Dems (Nancy Pelosi)want this country dependent on the government. WAKE UP! THINK FOR YOURSELVES! Have we become so lazy to let this happen? This is a pivotal moment for our society. BTW, I am an independent. I spent 10 years working with the government in DC. Only the people as whole can change this mess. They want you so focused on your own situation to keep you to see what's really going on. Think about it.