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Sunday, January 4, 2009


1-4-09... Apex NC: Check this out. The PDGV factor is critical in the retail automotive business, in fact in any business. An NFL running back has to have it to make it to the Pro Bowl, so does the successful HUMMER salesperson.

The P is patience. Success is hard work and it is never overnight. Be focused and know it will take time. Never give up. The D is determination. Failure just is not an option. If you have a bad day, so what. You have to be stubborn in your professional and personal avenue to success. The G stands for guts. Do you have what it takes to take risks? Are you willing to head to the unknown? Are you mentally locked in? Success is there. And finally, the V is vision. If you can see it and you believe, success is at the end of the rainbow.

Patience, determination, guts, and vision... these are the keys to your success. Max them all and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Happy selling!

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Jonathan said...

PDGV I like it!! :D