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Friday, January 16, 2009

Coupla Things

1-16-09, Apex NC... It looks like Nintendo still rocks in the video game market place. In December, it increased Wii sales 59 percent and sold 2.15 million Wii players. And all of this buying frenzy happened in in this cautionary economy. I want to remind you again that EXPERIENCE always sells. Give the customer the experience they both need and want, then get out of the way... here they come to buy it!

Just give people what they want and sales jump... There is a lesson here.

How about the miracle of the Hudson yesterday? How many times do we yawn and chat through the emergency procedures as we taxi for take off? Amazing what training does in the event of a disaster. Within minutes, all were saved on that U.S. Airways flight.

No matter the job, training is essential. Too bad it took this to happen for us to be more attentive when the flight attendant shows us how to use the oxygen mask.

Training means you never have to say you are not ready... Training is an investment!

Happy Selling!

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