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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Upbeat with the Downbeat

1-31-09 Apex, NC... We are already a month into 2009 and things are still dragging along. Today after a college football all-star game, Howard Schnellenberger, probably one of the greatest coaches ever, said this... "Keep your eyes and ears open and you're going to learn a lot!" Well said. If you are in the car business you are learning on a daily basis. What really has to happen is that we as an industry, both dealer and manufacturer, have got to get consumer confidence up and convince the public to return to their normal pattern of buying vehicles at regular intervals. This is a global camaraderie; Toyota, Ford, KIA, GM... it makes no difference. To survive we have to work together. We have to get it together. We have to focus together. And we have to succeed together.

Keep your eyes and ears open... you might improve results.

Happy selling!

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