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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Creeps Me Out (of MONEY)

2-10-09 Apex NC... It is creeping again. I pass signs all the time. It is incredibly on the move again... sure it sits awhile, and then it moves again thinking no one notices. It is very sneaky too. It fakes a gentle fall and then rises above the stagnant mark it has been sitting at for days. Yep, you guessed it.... Gas prices are on the move again, regardless of the national climate.

It was wonderful at 1.59 and then the creep began AGAIN. It went up to 1.70 for no reason, sat at 1.78 forever, then 1.81 forever, then 1.89, now it is in the 1.90's. If Exxon and its lot want to see total poor house anarchy, it is going to happen at the 2.50 mark. People cannot afford it. One very cool stimulus package is LOW gas prices, a drop in price is worth millions in our collective pocket books. Some of us are actually using cash when we fill up now. At above 2.75 we simply charge it, who has an extra $100 to fill the SUV when prices go back and sit at 3.99 for a month or two?

People are not paying some of their normal bills on time right now, and they are worried about every nickel, very worried. Long term budgeting is month-to-month now. We tolerated 3 and 4 dollar gas once. We cannot do it again. NO ONE has the money. I do not see it growing on any trees in my yard. And those of us still working cannot skateboard, jog, or bike to work.

Greed and arrogance are really being studied now. These "creepy" ingredients are the main cause of the recession we are in. Oil profits are still setting records at under 2 a gallon. They do not need anymore profit. It seems if mother nature does not drive prices up, someone sneezing in Siberia does.

We cannot have gas prices go much higher. Our plastic is not thick as our heads anymore. We will not tolerate increases and grumble quietly under our breath any longer. We will be really whizzed. Leave prices alone so we can budget what little money we have left. I suggest calling your representatives, senators, mayors, and town managers... It simply cannot happen again. Anyone who has forgotten that $20 got you five gallons, is part of the creep...

I still think revolution will take place and we will throw everyone out of office and start over. Why not? It has to be cheaper to toss Congress, the lobbyists and the Prez out, than it was to fill our tanks at June 2008 levels.

WE HAVE HAD IT so send the message! Remember who fills Congressional gas tanks.

If fuel stays economical, maybe people will head back to the dealerships and buy a vehicle. That will help as well.

Happy(Under Two Bucks Please)Selling!

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