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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Voice Among Voices

2-3-09, Apex, NC... Even the President is on the bandwagon about the fact that things are "dark and getting darker" in reference to the current economy. Someone has to yell out that this thing is cyclical. There is still an unlimited amount of people out my work window, and an unlimited amount of money. If you don't think so then where is the stimulus money coming from? Hey, I was born at night, just not last night.

Get up. Wipe the ashes off your forehead. Take the dang hair shirt off and find a customer. Customers are not proactive right now. find one then. I am dang sick of this feeling sorry for me bull. Everyone is worried about work. Everybody is worried about money. Ohh... I am not talking about the customer, I am talking about salespeople. I am talking about YOU.

Rush Limbaugh, love him or hate him said this...It is up to you to fix this mess one person at a time. We simply cannot wait for the government, or anyone else to fix this. This is America. It is called the United States for a reason. Do not give up. I will not accept it.

Be a voice with me. Do not be negative, that is wasted energy. Knock off the doom and gloom.

We are talking ourselves into misery. We have made this worse, each of us. How about talking yourself into SUCCESS... Opportunities are around your next corner.

Happy selling!

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