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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oops... My Bad!

2-22-09 Apex, NC... I love mistakes; I want to make them all the time. Let me share my secret with you. I don't learn anything until I make mistakes. If something comes easy to me, heck, I don't learn something. But if I struggle, retry, figure things out, screw up again and then fix it, make adjustments and improve; I have learned plenty. My mistakes are my personal and professional lessons.

If you know me you know I am a HAM. I love being in front of groups. Love it. It is so fun. The bigger the group the better. One of my dreams was to be in front of thousands of salespeople as I share opportunity and enthusiasm from the pitcher's mound at Shea Stadium. But since Shea is now a mound of demolition, I have to find a new venue, HA.

Many people are afraid or shy in a group. Not me... It seems so easy... But it is not... Here is the secret, for every class or meeting I speak in, I must prepare hard. It takes about an hour of preparation for every minute of presentation. I start with a clean sheet a paper or word doc and I gather my thoughts. I make a ton of mistakes as I prepare. It takes forever. But when I am in front of someone the mistakes pay off. I learned to cover all my bases before I walk on stage.

I have learned from my mistakes.

It is the only way this thick head learns... How about you?

Happy selling.

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