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Monday, February 2, 2009

Consumer Confidence

2-2-09 Apex, NC... The key to getting the economy rolling again in the right direction is to get the Consumer Confidence Index back up. Currently it is 37; a year ago it was in the 80's... we have to fix that. I am no economist, but as a sales expert I can honestly say that no one cuts, scrimps, saves, or eliminates their way out of recession. You must GROW your way out. You must spend your way out. Just the strategy of buying what you need will help jump start the economy. People are holding back, waiting to get laid off. This is a terrible mindset. Remember this... SALES drive the global economy. Sales define capitalism.

Happy selling!

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Wisdom said...

You're absolutely correct. Unfortunately, as has been the case with most of the so-called Wharton/ Yale/Brown crowd sitting in their respective ivory towers see us as a liability. I just watched 8000 sales people "furloughed" at United Airlines. Besides, we are being led by the nose (and by that I mean the administration and Congress) directly toward becoming a Socialist State. History is about to repeat itself, but this time magnified ten-fold. Anyone who has a true grasp of history clearly understands that Roosevelt's "New Deal" was meant to implement socialism, but it didn't work, at all. WWII pulled us out of the depression. If people don't know and understand it, we live in an extremely obtuse society. So, where does that leave us? People aren't buying, out of pure fear and salespeople are bearing the brunt.