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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

General Motors, the Automotive Paczki

2-24-09 Apex, NC... At one time, what was good for General Motors was good for America. It dominated the global automotive industry. Heck at the time, Volkswagen was the only foreign competition. And Beetles were few and far between.

Big and dominating... Just like the Paczki is today. Paczki? Yes...everything has its day and today is Paczki Day. All throughout the Midwest, and especially in Detroit the Paczki(pronounced PUUN-SKI)is a BIG FAT donut stuffed with prune, lemon, strawberry, etc. filling. Long lines in Hamtramck, and near Detroit bakeries stand in the cold to get them early. It is the day before Lent you know... A celebration is always necessary. Motor City Mardi Gras!!! The Paczki is the value menu item of the moment. It happens once a year.

Today General Motors is on the edge of big, fat change. The Administration has assembled top quality non-car people, now headed by Steve Rattner and the Treasury to assess the fate of this Company whose history now exceeds 100 years.

Consumers have hunkered down. Showrooms are not as populated as they have been, and the combination of poor decisions in an array of sectors from housing to stocks have left GM in the position it is in.

Go buy a car. Go buy a fridge. Go on vacation. Go out and eat. Buying something is the only way out for all of us. The flip side of buying is selling. And selling drives every aspect of the global economy.

GM needs to be the value item of choice again. They have more cars and trucks with great gas mileage than anyone... And the dealership support you need is around the corner.

Once the smoke clears, no matter the direction of the wind, GM will survive.

Six months from now, the economy turns around, and with it the car business.

GM has a value menu deal for you. Stop in soon for your 2009 Paczki! Buy American is the thought of the day!

Happy selling!

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