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Sunday, February 8, 2009

At Your Service!

2-8-09 Apex, NC... There is a current mindset today that is keeping service departments busy. People are fixing rather than buying. Customer pay is up. Even independents have full parking lots. But here is the ticket. Customers are visiting the dealerships; they are just coming through a different door. If we give them a great experience, even an oil change and rotation gets a customer clean, we can eventually get them back in the showroom. Have the salespeople help during the morning service rush. People buy from familiar faces.

Smile, listen and go that extra mile so they continue to come in, even for the most mundane of services. Every single customer could use new wipers, a battery assessment, and a belt/hose examination. Service by definition is taking care of needs. Do not forget that taking care of needs is the first step to taking care of wants. There are great products and great deals no matter what door the customer comes into.

Happy selling!

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