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Friday, February 13, 2009

Idle Thoughts!

2-13, 2009 Apex, NC... Read the following and you too will think you are David Letterman and there is a very special guest sitting across from you...yep, something is not right here.

Because of the current state economic situation, the UNC System's Board of Governors will likely INCREASE tuition and fees by a WHOPPING 3.9%

Although oil costs about the same as a nice pen right now, gas keeps going up and is again touching two dollars; the reason for the rise? Maintenance...

Another good candidate in the top 36 goes bye-bye. I am talking about the new administration NOT American Idol...

Restaurants in town want full tables on Valentine's Day but are not allowing the use of coupons we find in the paper for half off, etc...I like that strategy, full prices will fill the seats for sure.

GM is offering retirement incentives for ANOTHER 22,000 employees; is anyone left to turn the heat down and turn the lights off?

People need jobs, but how many know how to use a shovel?

Finally, with the $798B package, housing and car buyers will be getting ONLY modest breaks... For example, many states tax the difference between a new car and a trade. Even on a good day that typically saves a car buyer WELL under a thousand dollars...

Somebody help me please...

Happy selling!

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