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Monday, February 9, 2009

Coldplay is Always on Stage

2-9-09 Apex NC... Coldplay won the song of the year at the Grammy awards last night for VIVA LA VIDA. The band always carries itself well and is noted for its enthusiasm on stage as well as its talent. In fact, enthusiasm is key to their success. Enthusiasm, coupled with a smile and a great attitude gets you whatever you reach for. Think of enthusiasm from the following list...

E...Energy in great amounts is the key to all possibilities.
N...Need is central to sales success. Establish it.
T...Trust must be gained first before partnering begins.
H...Honesty and sincerity must go hand-in-hand.
U...Understanding is critical; always be listening.
S...Speciality and uniqueness always bring value.
I...Intelligence drives every single business moment.
A...Ability must be established as soon as possible.
S...Service is the main driver of success.
M...Motivation will always grow and avenue your passion.

Enthusiasm always covers for imperfection. It is okay to be flawed so minimize it with plenty of enthusiasm!

Happy selling!

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