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Friday, February 20, 2009

Half Full or Half Empty

2-20-09 Apex, NC... I am a blatant eternal optimist. I used to tease in my training classes that the only people who have the blanket right to be negative all the time are the Detroit Sports Writers...

Now it just ain't those sports guys being negative anymore. From the commentators on FOX News right up to our Commander-in-Chief, things are constantly being presented with half empty in mind. The Joe the plumber, the Sally the waitress, heck even the Jim the Sales Trainer are leaning to the dark side on the mess we see on the T.V. 24-7-365.

We are worried about paying bills. We are concerned about health care costs. We are worried about keeping our livings going... We moan about sales. But now HEAR THIS; let us focus on the principle of success. Make it your mantra. Tattoo it to your forehead. Print it on your coffee cup. Make success an personally urgent matter. When it come to success, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

Think of success this way...

S... SMILE, you will feel better.
U... UNDERSTAND your situation and fix it.
C... CONFIDENCE goes a long way.
C... COMMUNICATE with everyone in a positive relational way.
E... ENERGY helps you see things clearly.
S... SATISFACTION and pride help you sleep after a productive day.
S... SINCERITY must never be faked or fudged; we can tell.

These ingredients will lighten your spirit and MAKE you walk the optimistic side of the street!

Happy selling!

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