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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Constellation within the Stimulation of the ObamaNation

2-11-09 Apex,NC... Well the PACKAGE will pass. It is on its way. It is considered by many the guiding light and I hope so, because in my constellation, within my orbit, things are moving very slowly. We depend on the car business for so much. One of seven of us works directly or indirectly in the car business. Used cars are selling okay. Service is holding its own. But for the economy to turnaround like so many of us want, the automotive industry has to get healthy again. The people out of work seem to increase every day and we need to stop the bleeding right now. The President is getting what he wants. And I hope he is right. I will back him right or wrong but I will hold him accountable on a daily basis to get the car business back to where it has to be. Confident consumers buy vehicles. We need to get that back! My business purpose is job creation, job enabling, and a job sustaining. But I am a one man band. Hopefully the recruiting agents, like myself, get the stimulus to help all of those seeking employment, the training and retraining necessary to succeed in new careers. Because succeeding quickly is critical.

I hope the PACKAGE drives the money into opportunity. Now it is up to the President to facilitate this for everyone.

Happy selling!

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