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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have to tell you that I have sold since birth, when I first faked a cry for food on the birthing table...

Remember, that the economy is awesome when you have a customer in front of you... That is the message for the sales troops. This ain't rocket science. I call our mess the four zips. Zip confidence. Zip spending. Zip courage, and the killer one, zipped mouths... We just take this socio-political/economic crap news and let neophytes control everything and learn on the job... Throwing out the politicians printing $$$ left and right is just the start of economic renewal.

I am sick of the constant "will save or create 3.5 million jobs"... what does that mean? My business is in a drought too... and every day I am not supporting a sales force trying to get better is a loss, no matter how productive I am that day... BUT persistence, a think skin and a sense of humor will get me and you through this crazyness.

I suggest putting all sales teams in a critical "river dance" session TODAY and have them figure out ONE thing to increase sales; each person must suggest one thing. One bite at a time my brothers and sisters in PROFIT, one bite at a time...

This will help prevent zip sales! And it will get your people thinking their way out of this.

Happy selling!


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