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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lessons in Life and Beyond

2-23-09 Apex, NC... A good friend of mine recently brought back a Detroit News from a business trip to the Motor City. I stumbled across a tribute in the paper for someone who recently passed away. Irwin Kahn, a veteran furniture salesman, sold dining room sets, sofas and beds for over 40 years. He believed in his sales philosophy so much that he carried the words on paper in his wallet every day. Ten very simple words that led to his success.

"Do it all. Do it right. And do it now."

Let's break this down. Do it all. Never give the customer a worry. Always be there with a smile. Give the customer what he or she wants and needs. Be complete. Do it right. If I have to explain this one to you, I want you out of sales. Do it now. The urgency factor combined with emotion and purpose eliminates customer excuses and gives them the reasons for purchasing. They were not in the furniture store for the hot dogs or Mr. Kahn's
autograph; they were there to purchase. Mr. Kahn steered the opportunity, controlled the process and ensured happy customers. He knew that selling is very simple. It just is not easy.

I have never met Mr. Kahn. But I know him well. A great man who helped other people. I hope he is still selling in Heaven. His passion and lessons are forever.

Happy selling!

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