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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


2-17-09 Apex, NC... With the above words stated loudly and firmly at 3:23 EST, the President signed the Stimulus into law. Now, "it's done"...could be like it's cooked! Over time we will see if it is a turkey or not. Now in all fairness, time will tell. I am a sales trainer and recruiter. I am a vendor. I am a small business owner. So far no one has told me I am a beneficiary of anything in this bill. Not too many of us in the car business or in any business really can use the extra $600 a month for food stamps... In complete honesty, I want to read this 1000+ page document or at least the 100 page executive summary. All I know is this; I am not real busy training and recruiting salespeople because the stores are not real busy. Let's fix consumer confidence. Bankrupting Detroit is not the answer. Based on the stock market so far today, the stimulus package is not jump starting anything either.

Chrysler just announced more layoffs as I write this... I still believe the economy is just fine when you have a customer in front of you... We know what to do. Get us customers Mr. President.

Happy selling!

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