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Saturday, February 21, 2009

All Stimulus is Local

2-21-09 Apex, NC... I am trying to think of new nicknames for the Stimulus package. Let's see... Mother Load or Mother Love? No. Pork and Beans? No. Politics vs. Economics THE SERIES... No... Man, I am more confused than when I am watching LOST. And I am really lost when I watch Lost. But I too want to stop time right now, stop the flashes, and get this island, err NATION, back in sync and turned around...

One thing for sure. It starts in our hands on that huge wooden wheel that turns the island... because all stimulus is local. The center of out universe is our home. It is our career, our job. It is our family. It is the obligations we have. We fix things one inch at a time. I am committed to my success. You must be too.

Our comeback, just like Cher's, starts on our own stage. The President can't fix it. The Governor of fill in the blank can't do it. Congress cannot do it. Look at the stock market. If the challenge is this BIG then we need to start SMALL. We need to stop the losses. We need to safeguard ourselves and our children. We need to fix the car business and get customers back into our local dealerships.

Look in the mirror and roll up your sleeves; who said it was easy? It isn't. But it is very simple. Just keep looking in the mirror.

Happy selling.

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